AHS Greybots unleash 'HAVOC'

Champion robotics team will enter new robot in First Power Up Competition

ATASCADERO – The Greybots, Atascadero high school competitive robotics team unveiled their newest creation Saturday night at the 5th Annual Greybot Gala at the Atascadero First Assembly Church.

‘HAVOC,’ the newest robot entry for this year’s international FIRST Robotics Competition “First Power Up” coming up March 16 in San Francisco, can lift cubes into a switch and scale (the scoring areas of the game field) using a claw to grab the cube as well as an elevator to lift the cube, and a kicker to fire the cube into the goal.

For the game, teams from all over the world are required to place “power cubes” on large scales to tip the scale and gain ownership. Alliances may also trade cubes for power-ups for a temporary advantage. The match ends with robots climbing seven feet into the air using a rung attached to the scale. HAVOC utilizes a front mechanism to get cubes onto the elevator and can pick up a partner robot by having it drive onto its back forks on a hang mechanism.

At the Gala, Andrew Murach, a junior Greybot, stood with former robots, making himself available for questions as parents and community members gathered before the big “robot reveal.” A big screen up on stage counted down the minutes until Greybot students removed a screen to introduce HAVOC. Four students wearing their black Team 973 polo shirts explained the new robot by Powerpoint, while two more Greybots worked the remote controls.

Murach said his team has been busy testing HAVOC in the shop on campus.

“Designing this robot was just a little bit easier compared to past years because we had people with past experience helping us,” he said. Murach has no expectations when it comes to the upcoming competition. “Hopefully we do well, but it’s new every year — you never know if something happens.”

“There’s a lot to it,” said Sophomore Greybot Ben Lipper about the new robot. “It’s complicated,” he laughed. “We’re building three this year so it takes a lot more time. In the past, we built like two, two-and-a-half functional robots.” More parts and more manpower is needed, Lipper said, to make three. He said he spends about 30 hours a week with Greybots. “We have the materials to make it, but it takes time. I hope it’s a really competitive robotic and scores points.”

Since 2009, The Greybot Team 973 has ranked in the top 50 of 2,700 teams worldwide. They won the World Championship in 2011 and Houston World Champions in 2011. This year’s team is made up of 28 total students: Senior members Allison Hines, Bryce Nelson, Chris Murphy, Connor Anderson, Maylon Andrei Da Silva Farias, Peyton Archibald and Tucker Taylor; Junior members Aaron Walcott, Andrew Murach, Doug Silver, Drew Daner, Garrett Ravatt, Kaitlin Lynge, Kyle De Matias and Mitchell Moore; Sophomore members Ben Lipper, Chris Lawson, Chris McComb, Elijah Pywtorak, Jayce Langford and Jose Velasco; and Freshman members Ben Robasciotti, Bruce Berg, Ethan Lundberg, Isaac Medina, Jacob Worthley, Mason Rushing and Natalie Hurd.

The students are led by mentors, including students from Cal Poly. Team 973 relies on community sponsorship. Platinum sponsors this year have been JLP Enterprises, LLC, IQMS Manufacturing ERP, PG&E; Gold sponsors are College of the Canyons, the Lipper family, Google, Janssen Youth & Youth Sports; and Silver sponsors are SOFTEC, Union Bank of California, Supervisor Debbie Arnold, Kelsey See Canyon Vineyard, Inc., Scott Roberts and Scott L. Larkin.

For more information on the Greybots, please visit www.greybots.com.

Watch the video below to see live footage of the Greybots revealing their new robot, HAVOC.


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