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A Different Perspective: The climate wars continue

Posted: Tuesday, Feb 5th, 2013

As any liberal-progressive will affirm, it is an axiom that to be conservative one must have been dropped on one’s head as a baby, and in my case, probably twice. As any conservative will affirm, to be a liberal-progressive is to have a head filled with helium. It likely explains why we have so much trouble communicating.

My critics’ ire was raised a few weeks ago regarding my assertion that global-warming alarmists were attempting to exploit Hurricane Sandy as a result of global warming. It is worth noting that Vice President Al Gore, “high priest” of global warming hysteria, led the charge asserting Hurricane Sandy was a harbinger of doom from a fever-ravaged planet, followed closely by Mayor “Nanny” Bloomberg of New York City making equally unfounded claims.

My previous article cited a few pre-20th century hurricanes in east coast history and the 1938 “Long Island Express,” but many such storms have occurred post-19th century.

My column was based upon statements to the press by the National Academy of Sciences two days after Hurricane Sandy asserting there was no evidence linking Hurricane Sandy or any other hurricane with global warming.

Other statements, such as the report that the planet has not measurably warmed since 1998, was based not just upon the British Meteorological Office but upon many such reports over the last several years, including a statement from Dr. James Hansen of NASA, the leading proponent of anthropogenic global warming in the USA.

On Jan. 13, Hansen stated that 2010 differed from 2005 by less than two-hundredths (0.02) of a degree and he conceded that “hottest year rankings are essentially meaningless.” There is no rapid acceleration of temperatures occurring. For the record, the hottest years did not occur within the last 40 years but were in the 1930s. I’ve seen the temperature graphs. The 1930s in the USA were dramatically hotter, according to many scientists, due to the “dust bowl” effect on the continent’s weather, a not unreasonable explanation.

It’s important to separate hype from fact. One Associated Press report recently attributed “Sandy’s” storm surge to melting arctic sea ice and increased ocean levels. Well, they got it half-right. Melting arctic sea ice will not raise sea levels any more than ice melting in your glass will cause your lemonade to overflow. An extra high tide with a full-moon and a strong storm however is a good recipe for disaster. Combine this with decades of building in areas vulnerable to storm surge and you have an expensive catastrophe.

We’ve been told that the polar bears were going extinct due to global warming but the Canadian government, which manages most of the polar bear population, disagrees, stating their populations are fine and have significantly increased.

The glaciers were supposed to be melting, but then we find out that report was based upon a non-science article written in an outdoors sports magazine by a travel-writer. Some are receding and have been for more than 100 years but not because of global warming. In fact, most of the “facts” supporting man-caused climate change are in serious dispute by legitimate scientists, another “fact” ignored by the popular press.

So what to do? Healthy skepticism might be in order, combined with an acknowledgement that humanity is not omniscient and should plan to reasonably adapt to an ever-changing natural environment.

Al Fonzi is a retired Army Lt. Colonel and career intelligence officer with more than 30 years of service. He is a self-described conservative and active in several political organizations. Fonzi first moved to Atascadero in 1972.

For the complete article see the 11-28-2012 issue.

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